Jude LaBarbera MD Plastic Surgery of Phoenix

Jude LaBarbera MD Plastic Surgery of Phoenix is staffed by plastic surgeon Dr. LaBarbera and a highly trained medical team aimed at providing the best plastic surgery Phoenix has to offer. The office offers a wide range of procedures to help the men and women of Arizona look and feel their best, such as: breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, breast revision, breast reconstruction, asymmetry correction, implant capsule removal, en bloc capsulectomy, gynecomastia, mommy makeover, tummy tuck, Brazilian butt lift, labiaplasty, body lift, arm lift, liposuction (lipo), thigh lift, and no mesh hernia repair. Jude LaBarbera Plastic Surgery of Phoenix also provides excellent results for facial plastic surgery as well, such as neck lift, facelift (rhytidectomy), Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) or eye bag surgery for hooded eyelids, rhinoplasty, fat grafting, ear shaping (otoplasty surgery), and cheek augmentation. Patients also visit the Phoenix office for nonsurgical treatments such as Botox, Fillers, and Non-surgical nose job. Stop by our office and visit our before and after plastic surgery gallery on our website today.

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Jude LaBarbera MD Plastic Surgery of Phoenix

Address: 18325 N ALLIED WAY SUITE 120A, Phoenix, AZ 85054, USA

Phone: 480-770-2391

Email: drlplasticsurgery@gmail.com

Website: https://drlplasticsurgery.com/plastic-surgeon-phoenix-az/

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